1385774_1380891105464813_1539076560_nWE ARE LAUNCHING THE WORLD’S BIGGEST GREEN DRINKS ON FRIDAY 7th FEBRUARY 2014.

The new Global campaign and annual event will be launched from Melbourne and is expected to attract attendance of over 2000 people at Federation Square, Melbourne, 8000 around Australia, 200,000 overseas, and more than 1,000,000 people through social media and digital engagement.

World’s Biggest Green Drinks is about connecting passionate people to create a better world.

Stemming from the Green Drinks vision, this campaign will foster the exchanging of ideas and sharing of different perspectives. This campaign seeks to bring together individuals across the globe that want to create a healthy planet and sustainable pathway for future generations.

Through the visioning and under the direction of Shape Our Future, Green drinks events across the
world will come together in our 1st Global campaign. Shape Our Future has already engaged a
network of over 720 green drinks events, and is expecting to reach 1000!

The last Green Drinks event of this size held in Melbourne attracted an audience of over 1700.

With the vision and expertise of Shape Our Future behind this campaign, we are expecting to reach an
audience of over 2000 in Melbourne alone.

By joining World’s Biggest Green Drinks you will help lead, develop and influence business and community to a sustainable future on a global level.

If you are interested in becoming a partner of the World’s Biggest Green Drinks campaign, please
contact Geoff to request a WBGD partnership proposal Geoff@sustainabilitydrinks.com



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