dsc90013We are pleased to announce our 2nd of July speaker will be Shelly Meagher, CEO of Do It On The Roof. Do it on the Roof works with providing project management and design help with green roofs and walls.

Do it on the Roof works on bringing plant diversity and permaculture to the fore of green roofs in Australia and to grow beautiful natural environments in our cities and suburbs’ rooftop landscapes. 

This new business in the Melbourne scene started life as a campaign for a public green roof in our city. After receiving lots of support from the community, councils and businesses in response to its workshops at the Sustainable Living Festival, campaigning at Melbourne Open House and a living hats parade in 2012, Do it on the Roof decided to transform into a business. 

Today, they provide advice, design and project management in green roofs and green walls.

They’ve been greatly helped by the many people along the way. In 2012 Do it on the Roof’s CEO Shelley Meagher was awarded an Asia Pacific Creative Innovation scholarship as an emerging leader in the green roof sector. It was pitching Do it on the Roof to the audience of 1000 business people at the Creative Innovation conference that provoked the responses which gave her the impetus to grow the campaign into a business. 

Winner of an Awesome Foundation grant for Do it on the Roof and a George Alexander Foundation Fellow at Melbourne’s Centre for Sustainable Leadership, as a former Oxford University lecturer in English Literature and consultant in strategy and communication, Shelley enjoys interacting with a range of industries and sectors. Shelley loves being on roofs and she loves solving problems by using green roof technology and innovative horticulture. 

Check out Do it on the Roof: