Our next Melbourne Sustainability Drinks event is on Wednesday 4th September, 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Speaker: Jason Kimberley – Founder Cool Australia

Cool Australia founder Jason Kimberley is an eco-warrior, globally renowned photographer, adventurer and founder of the online environmental resource, Cool Australia.

Jason kimberleySpurred into action after researching his 2005 expedition to Antarctica with pals Jason Veale and Peter Hillary, Kimberley vowed to protect our fragile ecosphere.

His first book, Australia Exposed (2003), was the result of a yearlong camping trip around Australia in 2000 with his wife Caroline. Antarctica, A Different Adventure (2007) describes his journey across the frozen wilderness. Kimberley’s love of travel and our environment was formed at an early age, after his family embarked on their first outback adventure.

Since then he has traveled extensively throughout Australia and the globe subjecting himself to a number of demanding challenges including: climbing South America’s highest peak Mt. Aconcagua (23,000ft), man-hauling sledges around the horseshoe valley in Antarctica, trekking Denali and a month long kayaking odyssey on Prince William Sound – both in Alaska.

After the success of the Cool Melbourne campaign, Kimberley took the initiative nationally with www.coolaustralia.org

Cool Australia is a leading educational resource engaging more than 145,000 students. It explores the challenges we face, the solutions at hand and how we can all become a part of this solution building a cleaner, smarter and sustainable country.

Voted best by News Ltd the website enables students to take an active role in caring for our environment and features age-specific learning activities that teachers can download and take directly to the classroom. Kimberley was awarded Environmental educator of the year in 2012. Kimberley is determined to make environmental responsibility a reality. “We must plan a future that can be embraced, not feared,” he says. “And to involve all Australian’s in shaping our future.”