Adelaide 2012 – David Cole

David Cole is a lecturer at the newly established Environmental Compliance and Sustainability Group within TAFESA. Having advised on sustainability issues since the early 1990’s, David will share his insights of how South Australia’s professional education programs, systems and structures are responding to the emerging need for skills development in […]

Adelaide 2012 – Suzanne Ridding

Suzanne spent her early career working in banking and finance in the UK before moving to Australia in 1996.  In Australia, Suzanne has worked in leadership roles in public, private and not for profit organisations, including in finance, corporate governance, risk management, strategic planning, board positions and corporate administration. […]

Adelaide June 2012 – Chris Hannaford

Chris Hannaford is the Manager of Economic Development and Land Use Strategy at the City of Playford in Adelaide’s northern region. Having been with Playford Council for just under 2 years Chris’s role is in seeking to integrate the growth of new areas with land use and economic development. […]

Adelaide June 2012 – Len Piro

Len Piro, Executive Director for Manufacturing, Services and Business Sustainability at the Department of Trade and Economic Development will be our guest speaker for April Adelaide Sustainability Drinks. Len will be sharing his knowledge on the exciting redevelopment of the Tonsley Park area into a Sustainable industries hub and […]

Melbourne June 2012 – Scott Kinnear

Our June guest speaker is Scott Kinnear from Organic Wholefoods.
Director of the recently established Safe Food Institute and Foundation Scott Kinnear is passionate about nurturing sustainable change through reducing the impacts of food production on social systems, economies, health and the environment.
Scott was the former and founding Chair of the […]

Melbourne May 2012 – Karl Fitzgerald

Our guest speaker is Karl Fitzgerald from Real Estate 4 Ransom.
Karl Fitzgerald is the Co-Director of the recently released documentary Real Estate 4 Ransom, runs the Renegade Economist radio show on 3CR and works as Project Coordinator for Earthsharing Australia.
Frustrated by the lack of attention that reforming the economic […]

Adelaide July 2012 – Paul Hendy

Our next Sustainability Drinks event is on Wednesday 18th of July,from 6:00pm – 8:00pm.
Our guest speaker for May was Paul Hendy.
Paul Hendy is both an Architect and Industrial Designer whose passion for creating buildings using the principles of ecologically sustainable design has led to involvement in a variety of […]

Melbourne March 2012 – Dean O’Callaghan

March special guest speaker is Dean O’Callaghan.
Dean O’Callaghan is a creative entrepreneur, brewer extraordinaire and founder of The Good Brew Company. Deano (as he is warmly known in the industry) has considered his place in the world, and the place of sustainability in brewing enterprise.
Known to don a deep green […]