Our next Sustainability Drinks event is on Wednesday 18th of September, 6:00pm – 8:00pm.Dr Tim Moore

Our Speaker is: Dr Tim Moore Business Development Manager Carbon Markets – EcoKnowledge

Dr Tim Moore is a natural resource management policy and market development specialist.

Tim’s focus has been on carbon credit & environmental offset project development over the last 6 years, following a 10 year science background. Tim’s PhD research background in carbon and nutrient cycling creates the platform for his proven expertise in the framework for carbon, environment & natural resource management markets. This practice comprises specialist understanding of science, policy, legal and financial services. He is a recognised expert in policy development and regulatory environment in the Australian Carbon Farming Initiative.

As well as advising resource companies, pastoral enterprises, Local and State Government agencies and Natural Resource Management Boards on the role of the CFI, Tim has developed and delivered over 40 landholder & stakeholder workshops on enterprise diversification, natural resource management, and carbon trading over the last 5 years.

Tim has developed start-up business plans for the emissions audit and retail firm BalanceCarbon as well as the Indonesian domiciled Emission Reduction Company, which develops carbon and electricity sales focused public-private partnerships to manage landfill gas (which he is still deeply involved in).

He has spent the last four years focusing on land use, land use change and forestry in Australia, alongside rangeland and pastoral country management. His current role at Ecoknowledge focuses on the development of improved Natural Resource Management outcomes that make commercial sense for land managers and external investors.

Tim is going to present a conversation on carbon, conservation, cattle & culture: turning natural resource management into commercially viable business. One of the greatest challenges of growing population is protection and maintenance of critical ecosystem services, while continuing to feed everyone.

The nexus of food production, landscape protection and regional economic growth requires commercial solutions that aren’t reliant on short-term, unpredictable (government) funding cycles. How do we deliver long term investments that build and improve social, environmental and economic capital? A glimpse of a possible way to make it all work…